Monday, May 19, 2014

So today my boyfriend and I went to go visit the giant rubber duckie thats been in town for a few days. Apparently this thing travels the world lol! But it was super cute and was a nice thing to do in the sun :)


      Okay so I ended up going to the mall today too, and I'm so glad I did lol. Seriously the 90s are everywhere! I went to Forever 21 and got all of the clothes that you see above except for the lilac nail polish I got that at Sally's. I could've bought the whole store! probs going to make a lookbook here soon we will see how that goes...


Sunday, May 18, 2014

HAT American Apparel
TOP Poof!
SKIRT Delias
SOCKS Forever 21
BOOTS 1460 Dr. Martens

      So, basically today I'm dressing for this weird ass weather that graced us with its presence. It's been sunny and in the eighties all week but today it decided to be hormonal and cold and cloudy... stupid weather. 

      But, anyways I'm wearing my new 1460 Docs with my fave thigh-highs, and finishing that off with a bit of floral to complement the "grungeyness" of this look. Super comfy and easy to layer outerwear with this look if it gets any colder.

Today is probably going to be a "clean da shit outta dis house" day because honestly its disgusting and I have nothing better to do at the moment soooo... yeah. I might update this later if anything extraordinary happens but if you never see anything else then just assume it was a shit day. 

First ever blog post

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hello lovelies,
      This is my first post of my first ever blog... never thought I would be doing this. But, hey we will see how it goes! I plan on filling this up with my many different art forms, wether it be fashion, photography, cinematography, animation, painting... etc.
      A bit about me, I am 19 at the moment and was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I am a freelance artist who has been featured in many art blogs and websites. I recently moved to Suffolk, Virginia to live with my grandmother for a year as a way to get away from home before I headed off to university. I will be moving to San Francisco in the fall to attend Academy of Art University to study animation.

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